Wrist-Thumb Narthex Kepler


Orthopedic wrist and thumb support with removable metal band. Protects the wrist and thumb. Particularly suitable for recovery. FIR-coated fabric.

An amazing new KEPLER Powerpharm product for the wrist and thumb area. Thanks to its metal removable bandage it provides perfect support to the wrist and thumb area. The splint can be worn on both hands, depending on the affected area, as it is ambiguous.

Made from Far Infrared Rays (FIR) material that reflects the body’s natural radiation, it provides comfort heat. Available in one size as it adapts to your wrist with the high-quality Velcro that KEPLER Powerpharm uses in all of its products.

Maintenance – Care Instructions

You can wash your orthopedic appliance in cold water with a neutral detergent as often as you like and let it dry naturally in a shady place. Do not iron it. Do not place it in the washing machine or spread it out in the sun, as ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Kepler’s production line is ISO 13485 certified. Manufactured in Greece and Germany. Manufactured in the European Union. All Kepler technical clothing has Powerpharm’s quality guarantee.




Can be worn on both hands

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