Kepler FIR Shoulder Brace


KEPLER Powerpharm raw material. The custom KEPLER Powerpharm fabric with metals and ceramics, deeply warms the application area creating beneficial hyperemia and consequently proper oxygenation. Suitable aid for periarthritis and tendonitis. Prevents edema after injury and provides supportive safety to the user.



Apply the two sides of the red fabric, both at the front and the back of the shoulder joint and fasten the umbilicus with the help of 2 velcro (under the armpit and chest). The KEPLER Powerpharm Shoulder Pad embraces the area where the pain is and with the help of our natural heat relieves the pain.



The KEPLER Powerpharm Shoulder support greatly relieves pain and is a very suitable remedy for recovery.

  • Provides perfect fit and comfort
  • It allows for all movements and can be worn as long as it takes, even though clothes.

Maintenance – Care Instructions

You can wash your orthopedic appliance in cold water with a neutral detergent as often as you like and let it dry naturally in a shady place. Do not iron it. Do not place it in the washing machine or spread it out in the sun, as ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Kepler’s production line is ISO 13485 certified. Manufactured in Greece and Germany. Manufactured in the European Union. All Kepler technical clothing has Powerpharm’s quality guarantee.




• Choose the appropriate size depending on your physical and muscular shape.


Medium, Extra Large

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