Kepler FIR Knee Support


Εpithelium coated with bio-ceramic materials to quickly relieve pain. It has 3 points for easy positioning and comfort, fitting properly to all knees. It offers incredible relief to chronic parental problems and is necessary after injury.



Open the 3 velcro and place the red part of the orthopedic device right on your patella. Then close the Velcro in succession without tightening from top to bottom. Make sure the mid-velcro is located just behind the knee lock to allow you to walk comfortably.



Another great device from KEPLER Powerpharm. This kneepad offers an amazing solution to knee pain, instability and rheumatoid arthritis, fits perfectly and adapts to all knee sizes. Pains and swelling in this particularly difficult area torment thousands of people. Kneepad from KEPLER Powerpharm, however, greatly relieves pain and drastically tackles problems resulting from injuries and other causes.

  • Perfect fit
  • Ease of movement
  • Comfort, as it can be worn through the pants.

Maintenance – Care Instructions

You can wash your orthopedic appliance in cold water with a neutral detergent as often as you like and let it dry naturally in a shady place. Do not iron it. Do not place it in the washing machine or spread it out in the sun, as ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Kepler’s production line is ISO 13485 certified. Manufactured in Greece and Germany. Manufactured in the European Union. All Kepler technical clothing has Powerpharm’s quality guarantee.




To find the right knee pad size, measure the circumference 15 cm above the knee and select the corresponding size from the size chart.


Small: 41-46cm, Medium: 47-56cm, Large: 57-64cm, Extra Large (XL): 65-72cm

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