Kepler FIR Nanotechnology Insoles


Our new sophisticated nanotechnology product, the Orthotic insoles, consisted of our booming KEPLER Powerpharm nanotech fabric. The insoles will help your feet with posture and fatigue problems in this particular area of the foot, since all the body weight rests there. Brand new unique creation of KEPLER Powerpharm.



Put the insoles on your shoes. Alternatively, you can also put them in your slippers so they come into contact with the bare foot for more comfort.


  • Alleviate the sense of pain
  • They are relaxing
  • They relieve
  • They give a strong sense of freshness to the sole
  • It is a European carbon-based construction
  • They are ventilated and perforated in order to give comfort and freedom to walk
  • Provide protection against malodor

Maintenance – Care Instructions

Nanotechnology Insoles are not washable. Do not iron them. Do not put them in the washing machine or lay them out in the sun, because the ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.



35-36, 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46

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