Kepler FIR Graduated Compression Stockings Class I


The (Class I) socks of KEPLER Powerpharm are enriched with ceramic materials and significantly improve blood circulation.
They offer you relief and you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation of your legs.



Wear socks as simple and fast as any other pair to the top of the calf and enjoy the relief of your lower legs.



The weight of our bodies, standing up and in some cases walking, put a strain on our feet and very often we experience painful cramps in the lower legs that are usually due to fatigue.

  • The special KEPLER Powerpharm socks fabric is extremely elastic and fits comfortably in all sizes.
  • KEPLER Powerpharm socks are characterised by light pressing (Class I | 18-22 mmHg) and are not heated
  • They provide total comfort and fit
  • Consists of anti-allergic and antibacterial materials
  • For every age and every activity



Maintenance – Care Instructions

You can wash your orthopedic appliance in cold water with a neutral detergent as often as you like and let it dry naturally in a shady place. Do not iron it. Do not place it in the washing machine or spread it out in the sun, as ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Kepler’s production line is ISO 13485 certified. Manufactured in Greece and Germany. Manufactured in the European Union. All Kepler technical clothing has Powerpharm’s quality guarantee.




1-XS (35-37), 2-S (37-39), 3-M (39-41), 4-L (41-43), 5-XL (43-45), 6-XXL (45-47)


Black, White

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