Kepler FIR Back Posture Corrector


Treat back and shoulder problems quickly and in a completely natural way with this orthopedic product that KEPLER Powerpharm manufactures and distributes exclusively throughout Europe. It creates beneficial hyperemia and as a result relieves or relieves pain. It is easily worn underneath your clothes and fits perfectly without obstructing movement even during work.

The Orthopedic Kyphosis Narthex is made from lightweight innovative breathable materials. It is lightweight, comfortable, lightweight and anatomically designed to fit any body type. Its belt is made of genuine Velcro and adjustable straps for perfect fit and can be worn by any age. With the KEPLER Powerpharm Kernel Narthex, torso support is achieved without obstructing movements.

With the KEPLER Powerpharm Kernel Narthex, torso support is achieved without obstructing movements. Like all KEPLER Powerpharm orthopedic products, it is also coated with ceramic materials for perfect oxygenation throughout the spine.


Wear the Kyphosis Narthex as a vest and apply it precisely to your body with the help of the Velcro in the belt and fast and easily closed in front. The entire surface of the KEPLER Powerpharm red fabric should be directly touched on your skin to feel the sweet warmth and relieve the pain in the affected areas. Wear it on top of your blouse for reduced intensity.



  • Relieves the feeling of pain
  • Particularly suitable for recovery
  • Like all KEPLER Powerpharm orthopedic aids, it fits easily and does not stand out from your clothes!

Maintenance – Care Instructions

You can wash your orthopedic appliance in cold water with a neutral detergent as often as you like and let it dry naturally in a shady place. Do not iron it. Do not place it in the washing machine or spread it out in the sun, as ceramic materials and metals in the fabric may be damaged.

Kepler’s production line is ISO 13485 certified. Manufactured in Greece and Germany. Manufactured in the European Union. All Kepler technical clothing has Powerpharm’s quality guarantee.




Measure your waist circumference and add 10-15 cm.


• Small: Waist Circumference 81cm – High 36cm, • Medium: Waist Circumference 91cm – High 41cm, • Large: Waist Circumference 102cm – High 41cm, • Extra Large: Waist Circumference 111cm – High 41cm, • Extra Extra Large: Waist Circumference 121cm – High 44cm

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